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I had the pleasure of paddling with Zack and Annie while my father and I were visiting Rock Island around Easter.

Dad and I toured the JK plant, checked out the (then empty) spout, and cruised up to the power plant, where we met Zack and Annie, and saw you, Joel, and Nick shredding down at brave wave and the hole. It was quite a surreal experience, watching you guys paddle, and chatting with y’all face-to-face.

Once you guys headed off, it was off to paddle in one of the best whitewater playgrounds around. Zack and Annie were quick and eager to show us the ropes and how to ferry from below the waterfall to above (sans-contacts). They were also invaluable help during a little spill we had while there, spending their valuable time rescuing a boat and paddle, and ferrying them back to the river left cave. There was also another paddler there who helped a lot — I believe her name was Heather. I can’t verbalize how thankful I am for all of them being there for us and being so willing to help!

I truly hope to have the opportunity to paddle with these wonderful people again. I was just astonished with how nice, friendly, and willing to help these people are. JK really attracts some magnificent ambassadors!

Take care and hope to see you on the water!
Ethan D. Brofman