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The was a fun event. It started with a slalom survivor which was hard because of all of the rafts and other boaters that where there and the river itself was hard to get around with the swirly eddies.

They also had a pink flamingo you had to get to get 1 minute off your time but you had to keep it away from the other racers until you got to the finish and you had to touch flags along the way.

They also had a water football you could throw at a blue can if you made it you would get 30 seconds off your time, but all in all it was a great race. Then they had the throw down. They had womens first, then expert mens, then pro mens.

I had a blast in this event and cant wait for the next one. I made 1st in the race and 4th in pro mens throw down. It was a wave feature and I haven’t had that much practice on a wave but I still did good. But I would like to thank the people for making it all happen; Jason, Samantha, Wessly and Jen. Alsoa ANWC for letting us use their course and Jackson Kayak.

Tommy Hehnen