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By Devon Barker

Tomorrow morning I fly to Portugal where upon arrival it
will be my birthday, early! Portugal is
hosting the Surf World Kayak Championships.
I cannot think of a better place to be for my 38th birthday
or a better place for ocean surf kayaking.
In the short class I will be surfing my Reaction 7’5" with 3 fins and in
the long boat class I will surf my new 9’10" Chopped Salsa. I can hardly wait to surf the saltwater. My good friend made me a boat bag for my
Salsa using green materials. The canvas
was new but we used old skirts to pad the tip and tail and packaging material
from my JK boats to make a protective
layer. The best green part about my boat
bag was using the NRS skirt handles on the tip and tail of the bag.

We will be surfing at Santa Cruz beach. You can follow the Surf Worlds here.

Enjoy your summer and come surf in Idaho. The season is always in. Many thanks for all of your support.

Devon Barker

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