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I also appreciate you loaning me the new Fun and the Dynamic Duo. I also thought the Fun was a significant improvement over the previous design, I really liked it, I wrote you a review, in case you were looking for one.

Our student, Emily, also got the chance to see the Upper … and to surf some features she wouldn’t normally be up for, so that was super cool for her.

Thanks a lot, it was good to see you all. Safe travels and best of luck this fall. I look forward to catching up again…

here are my thoughts on the new 2010 Fun.

The new Fun series is a terrific improvement on what has been a staple choice for paddlers who prefer a more classic design over the more freestyle specific 2010 Star series. It feels much more balanced in volume distribution between the bow and stern in comparison to the previous model, making it easy to maintain balance when linking ends.

This seemed to contribute to the boat’s stability in the more challenging whitewater, as well, as it felt very comfortable in the rapids on the Upper Gauley. At the same time, the new Fun retains the narrower width and longer length in the tail retaining the design’s ability to initiate stern squirts and stalls easily. Finally, one of the biggest improvements over the previous design in my opinion was the hull. On a wave and in a hole it had the release I seek in a playboat, spinning easily on smaller green waves. This is a quality I enjoy in the Star series, which combined with the length of the Fun series made it easy to catch every variety of play feature all the way down the river. I can see a lot of potential in this boat and look forward to paddling it downriver in big water.