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October 23, 2009

  1. Fixed up my Home
  2. Took Jessie and Jurg down the Caney Fork
  3. Bought a Photo Camera and a good one
  4. Paddled the New Fun a bunch and really like it!
  5. Planned a Trip for Mexico and Uganda this Winter!
  6. Got New Toys from my Sponsors! Thank You!
  7. Taught KC how to walk, yes it was all me…… (sorta)
  8. Paddled the Rock Island Hole at 3,600 and Stuck some Donkeys!
  9. I have run almost everyday!
  10. Made Nick an Amazing Office for his 21st Birthday!

Crazy how quickly I can write cool things I’ve done this fall so far! Now I am about to go do my virgin run down the Russell Fork! Exciting!

Thank to everyone who helps me do what I do!