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Last year I got my first multi-color boat at Vail, a blue/white combo of the All-Star. It lead into my World Championship’s kayak, which was Red/White/Blue. That was a sweet kayak. I am now in my Red/Blue/Black All-Star, and a solid Blue Villain proto 2.0. I chose the Red/blue/black All-star when I got home from the World Championships in September and it is treating me really well. However, I have decided that I want to "special order" my own kayak today for the 2010 Season. Clay just got a sweet blue/white/yellow boat that rocks. I am actually going to figure out my own personal color this time. Marketing people are always telling me to "pick your own color and stick with it, make it your brand, so people recognize you by your gear and boat and helmet from a distance." Nah.. I prefer to switch it up and go with what is available. However, this time I do want choose a color for an All-Star that will go well with my IR Plaid drydeck, and my Astral Willis that is orange/grey. Hmm. Here are a couple of boats that Stephen shot at the factory that are sweet. Still not sure.. I do like the blue tips on Clay’s boat. I also need to choose a helmet color. I am using the carbon Shred Ready Standard right now but don’t want to be using black anymore. I’ll talk to Tom and see what the color options are for 2010. If anyone is looking for a red/blue/black All-Star let me know. J

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