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Hey Everyone the past few weeks I have been spoiled rotten paddling almost every day in my brand new Rock Star S.

Every time Dad tells me he is redesigning the boats I am like but my boat is already so good! Little do I remember how much better each design seems to get!

Well this one blew me away faster than any other- Here is Why:

1.       I find it way looser, if I am spinning around on wave, the boat literally wants to slide around for me!

The old Star was great for this but it didn’t feel as smooth, or as quick.

2.       It seems way more retentive….

I can’t count the amount of clean blunts I have been trying in the last 6 months and in my old star the same thing kept happening- I would get the clean blunt but not rotate fast enough so I would be on the wrong side of the bubble flushing off by the time I got the boat around. Part of it was my skill level and the other was I never felt like it would stick even on ones that felt perfect. The new Rock Star allowed me to try more than one each ride simply because it stayed on the wave! It was incredible, my first day in it I stuck my first one on the first ride and was sold instantly!

3.       It goes big in a hole….

For me I found the boat being shorter but a little bigger allowed me to spin the boat around faster for mcnasties and phonics monkeys but by the time I would be facing back upstream it would launch itself. This helps me a lot as I struggled getting air bonuses on my harder tricks, but with the boat shape now, it seems like it encourages me to use proper technique and helps me know when to jump. Did I mention the loops! Bigger and better than I have ever done them before!! So exciting!

4.       Just so much fun to paddle

The edges on the boat combined with sitting up  a little higher make simply surfing so much fun, the boat slides down the faces of waves, spins around super easily, and carves beautifully.


All in all I have seen the biggest improvement in my paddling in awhile and I thank most of it to my new boat. I loved my old star and I still think it’s an amazing boat, but the Rock Star has helped me simply with the pop and retentiveness, spend more time in a feature and super boosted my confidence.

I know what I will be paddling in 2011 and I hope you get a chance to see how much fun the Rock Star really is!

Happy Paddling

Emily Jackson