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Welcome to Jackson Kayak’s first Dealer Newsletter of 2011!  We are creating a variety of communication tools for your information, and to help us assure everyone is up to date!    This regular newsletter is one of them.    Look for our recent articles in the Whitewater, Kayak Fishing, and Rec/Touring categories.   Our customers, (your customers) can also receive regular newsletters from us by signing up on the website for them.  We started this process yesterday.   They can choose the categories of information they want (Fishing, WW, and Rec/Touring).     You will receive all JK information, recent web updates, and dealer specific pertenent information.

New product training, marketing materials you can plug into your websites, newsletters, and email blasts, and more will be sent out each issue.      This is another step in the evolution of Jackson Kayak as your premier supplier.   

If you have any specific information you are looking for, you can request it from me for the next issue.    We are very busy launching new products with Coosa well under way, the Rock Star M about to launch, the Rogue 10 only a week away and the Hero/Super Hero just beginning to ship!   Our new products, marketing, and momentum across our categories is unprecidented.  

We’ll be doing our “Kick Off Party” Webinar on Thursday at 2pm Central time (3pm EST).      I hope you’ll join in.  Look for your invitation soon if  you didn’t get it already.    If you haven’t done one of my webinars, it is easy!  Just click on the link you’ll get in your invitation about 2 minutes prior to the starting time and follow the one step directions!   Sit back and listen/watch, and chat in questions as you have them.

Meanwhile- check out this newsletter and pass around to your staff.