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The Rockstar Rocks around the World!
Now since I have had the extreme good fortune to paddle my new small Rockstar for over a month both on the Nile and in Europe, I can confirm that it’s the best play boat yet from EJ and David Knight. Before I paddled the Rockstar, I was thinking how could EJ and David make something better than the 2010 Star, and I was skeptical about the boat being shorter and a bit fatter as improved design features. However, I can say that all my concerns disappeared after paddling the boat the first day. The obvious things everyone will like are that the Rockstar is super lightweight and comfortable. In the Rockstar, you sit up higher and have more leverage over the boat – that makes it even easier to throw around. Sitting up higher will take a little getting used to at first but once you do, it feels much more comfortable than sitting in the Allstar/Star series.
With more volume around the knees and the boat being a little shorter per size than the 2010 Star, you get the biggest air ever!! You won’t believe the pop until you try it yourself – now everyone has a chance to loop like Steven Wright. The rockstar is easier to cartwheel since initiating the bow takes less work and the ends come around quick. Flat water everything is easier. The boat feels very balanced on its ends and does not want to squirrel out from under you. On top of all that, the boat is incredibly loose and fast. In fact, it took me over a week of paddling it every day to get used to how fast the boat is. In the beginning, I was constantly behind with my body and felt like the boat was running away with me, but as I developed a better feel for the boat it just became more and more fun and definitely easier to do every trick that I tried. Once you give this boat a try, you will be so pleasantly surprised that you may not want to get out of it …ever!

Jessie Stone