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So far the Whitewater Grand Prix has been epic. We have done 2 stages. The first stage was a big trick contest on the Gladiator wave. That was very interesting and super sweet. It was super beefy that day so lots of people missed the wave trying to avoid the pit. The only way to be sure to catch it was to just man up and drop in the meat. I caught it every time except once that day. Those who did catch it did some nice tricks. I did lots of airscrews and pan ams. Nick did some nice airscrews and pans ams as well. Rush Sturges did some nice stuff. Tino Spect did a huge pan amMarr did some huge pan ams. It was a close call between me and him that day. He came out on top when it came to the judging. But i am fired up with 2nd place. It was a long 6 hours and everyone had a sick day. The next day we headed to the Ruins wave just outside of ottawa city. It was a “rest” day in between the 2 events. Yet it was the most awesome and tiring day of all. It was high water so it was very hard to catch. But once you did it was the most fun wave ever. I think it is my new favorite wave. You could do everything on it. It was a great wave for combos and just going huge. It is a giant garberator pretty much. Its the perfect wave. I wish we could have gotten more than one day on it. But i am still recovering from that one day. Lots of big tricks. The next stage was a boatercross on the Rouge river. It was class 4-5 big water. It was intimidating by itself. And yet we did a 21 person mass start on it. It was chaotic but amazing. Everyone was super fired up with the mass start. It was the greatest boatercross of all time. I didnt make it past the second round but it was still an awesome day. Nick got first with Bryan Kirk in second. Another epic day. Now we are in La Tuque for a time trial creek race tomorrow. Should be sweet.

Ruins Video