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img_0862We had the first Green River Freestyle Competition on the “Tour” this year.     The Whitewater Park can be found in downtown Green River (just follow the signs on the highway and through town) and you’ll find yourself on “Expedition Island” where a beautiful park was created and a “variable feature” for the hole itself.    A big white control box has 8 controls for the bladder system in the river to manipulate the hole for any water level.    The city and parks did an awesome job making everyone feel welcome.   Allan Wilson is the main guy with the key to the control box and was always there to welcome people and help with the event.    The event started off with an awesome pancake breakfast, with chocolate covered strawberries and all different types of pancakes.   We went from the breakfast to a community service project where we planted 50 trees in the memorial park across the river from the whitewater park.     The competition was done on Saturday and people were there from everywhere.  The warmest day of the week was competition day, WHEW!  It was cold before the comp!  Here are a few images..

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