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Ok, ok, I hear you loud and clear!  “We want Big Tuna photos!”  So, what I’ve just done is uploaded some below that we’ve been taking while out on the water filming the promo video.  I hope you enjoy the variety of photos showing off the versatility of the Big Tuna!

Initial thoughts on this boat are pretty much…it is incredible! Seriously, about the only thing I’ve found it can’t do is be a good boat in small rivers/creeks, but of course it isn’t supposed to and that is what the Coosa is for! Between one, two, three or four people, with over 110 seating combinations to go along with the amazing “Tuna Tank” no hassle live well this thing is loco!!! If you happened to be someone who hasn’t been able to find a decent paddling solo boat that you can stand in, you just found it. For those that have been needing to take an extra passenger along, comfortably, uh, you just found it. For those who have been wanting to easily keep live bait alive without have to buy an aftermarket live bait well that uses electricity or plumbing, you just found it. For those guides wanting to drift rivers while you put your client on the fish or show them a good time on the inshore flats while you sight the fish and say “2 O’clock, big school of reds, cast, cast!!!” You’ve just found your solution. If you have simply needed a larger weight capacity because you’re a big boy…this is a big boy’s kayak!! For so many reasons, the Big Tuna will be the solution for so many people and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do in your Big Tuna now that they are hitting stores!

Keep in mind you can click on the set separately and even download the high res version if you need it. Also, feel free to go “full screen” to get the real impact!