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(in no particular order!)

1. Seeing five California Condors….four at once!

2. Paddling the new Jackson SUPerCharger… first SUP whitewater experience that included surviving some bigger rapids than I ever thought I’d attempt, and catching a fun surf wave on just my second try.

3. Two epic rainstorms, with stunning waterfalls and a classic rain dance in camp.

4. Watching novice and even first-time kayakers run some really nice rapids.  So many smiles, even after swims!

5. Spending quality time with my friends and cohorts from Jackson Kayak….Tony and Teri, John, Brad, Marty and Sonia, and of course our host, canyon master Tony Lunt.

6. Making such great new friends!  Europeans, Canadians, Americans.  Tony knows how to pick a group.

7. The CRAZY limo ride in Vegas after the trip…culture shock, yes, but hey, gotta admit it was fun!

8. Discovering that the Zen is THE perfect Grand Canyon boat.  I’ve stated earlier that the Zen is perfect for the Chattooga, so for one boat to be SO good for such different environments is quite a testament to the versatility of this boat.  Had so many wonderful surfs.

9. Floating downstream on the cargo raft while being serenaded by the beautiful voices of Michaela and the incomparable “Captain” Morgan!

10. Watching Tony Lee paddle his latest masterpiece, the SUPerCharger, through many of the biggest rapids, even though the old feller was called “a Winnebago with Florida plates” on the hiking trails!

11. Some of the best camp food ever!

12. Paddling with the legendary Hilde Schweitzer and Mike Fentress.  Good to see you again Mike, it had been way too many years.

13. And finally, the anticipation of the next Grand trip that each one brings!  Hard to beat two weeks fully immersed in one of the greatest places on our earth.