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Last weekend was the alabama mountain games and it was an awesome weekend. First day was the freestyle off the lip and it was a lower water year so it was tougher. But there were some awesome moves. There were a lot more people doing harder stuff, this year it was a tough competition between myself, nick, hunter katich and bennet smith. We all were getting different and awesome tricks. But i managed to pull ahead and win, this was my 4th time winning the freestyle off the lip which is super cool. We were all getting mcnasties and airscrews and stuff like that. But what allowed me to pull ahead was i got a front flip and a back flip off the high side. It was super cool to be able to stick those. After a nice paddle out we got back to the campground and just enjoyed some good music.

The next day was the freestyle at kings bend, there were a good amount of people there this year which was cool. Its a tough feature that you cant really stay in, buts it fun how challenging it is. We decided to do the round robin format. Where we have a time limit and we all go one at a time doing one trick. And after the time was up the person with the best 5 tricks wins. We were getting tricky woos and mcnasties and phoenix monkeys. Stuff like that, as well as some lunar orbits and other moves. In the end it wound up being me in 1st, hunter in 2nd, bennet in 3rd, and nick in 4th. After the event was over i went down with the group to run the river on the SUPercharger. And that was a great time. Made it back to the campground to enjoy one more awesome night of music. Then woke up the next day and headed back to rock island. Great year, and as always, looking forward to next year.