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Lifting weights is one of the most mis-understood workout methods, yet is one of the most effective for strength, injury rehab or prevention, and increasing metabolism.   Join me and lets get stronger and fitter, together.

Why?  This is a turn key core/upper body strength workout that takes care of so many goals at once that I have not adjusted it dramatically in 20 years.   The two photos below represent the past 30 years…

In Brazil- 1988

In DC 1995

EJ at 30

EJ at 50

In TN- 2014

What it covers: The basics:   chest, back, arms, neck, abs.

Injury prevention and rehab:  This workout does more to prevent shoulder injury than anything else I have ever done.   I used this exact workout to get me back in the game for the 1992 Olympics after a traumatic injury only 8 months before the race.

Don’t be fooled by the short duration- only 22 minutes- as it is intense, but it allows you to get your workout done without any wasted time.

You will move from one station to the next with only about 10-15 seconds of break in between.  Each exercise is about 20 seconds long- allowing for an average of 10 reps/exercise depending on your condition.

The Abs section was taught to me by my son-in-law- Nick Troutman- and is my favorite comprehensive ab sequence for effectiveness and only 3 sets is needed.

What you’ll need is a place for:

light dumbbells for warm up/PNF’s

Push ups (or Bench if you prefer)

Pull-ups (or lat pull downs)


Medium dumbells for curls/overhead

Heavy dumbbells for rows

place for abs on the floor

Some tips that are important-

  1. if you have not been lifting weights- go easy- only 1 set, and light weights your first try- you can always do too much your first try and you will regret it with tendonitis and being over sore.
  2. Watch my video to see the techniques and also to help you learn/memorize the Ab Sequence.
  3. Expect to spend your first three workouts just to get back into condition to begin pushing harder.  Second week can be three sets but lighter weight.  Third Week to be as hard as you can.

Where does the Fat Off apply?   This workout is intense and burns about 200 calories right away, but the recovery requires re-building muscle and continues to burn calories after the workout for the next 2 days.   Each workout you do will burn more calories as you get stronger and able to do more weight and/or more reps.       As your muscles get bigger they also require more energy to sustain themselves and this continues to burn more fat.     Combining this workout with endurance workouts yield best results for fat burning, as well as recovery time.   I usually combine this workout with my Run/Push/Jump/Run, or speed disc golf.    I am also doing kayaking with this workout, but usually when I am training hard and want lots of volume of training.    Give it a try-  I think you will be hooked and happy with it!

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