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Why is this workout called Power Kayak? Power is work/time- which basically means going further faster if you have more power.    The kayak forward stroke is an amazing physically “near perfect” exercise that combines core, arms, and total upper body.

This specific workout is an interval workout that consists of:


  1. Warm-up with an abbreviated “EJ’s Strokes and Concepts” warm-up that doesn’t prepare you for freestyle kayaking, but it does prepare you for your first 5 minute medium paced piece.
  2. 5 minutes of increasing intensity paddling- each minute you increase slightly from zone 1 until you are at zone 3 by the end.
  3. 2 minutes of warm-down to zone 1 again.
  4. 5 minutes of ramping up speed again- but this time getting into zone 2 and 3 quickly and final minute in zone 4.   Zone 4 paddling requires lots of power in the stroke and will build muscle as well as endurance.
  5. 2 minutes of warm-down to bottom of zone 2
  6. 5 minutes of intense work, but still increasing minute by minute.    go right to zone 3 by second minute, zone 4 by third minute and zone 5 for final two minutes.    Zone 5 is full speed, with your best strokes, good torso rotation, and a “can do” attitude.     It is worth it as you get 80% of your benefit in this segment.    I will motivate you throughout, so you are not alone!
  7. 2 minutes of warm-down to process your lactic acid and get the hydrogen ions worked out of the muscles.


Get my strokes and concepts DVD or watch the forward stroke I teach on Youtube to help you improve efficiency.    Efficiency allows you to move the boat faster with the same energy.


This Power Kayak Workout is a workout I have used to win many races over the years..

“Power Kayak” prepares you for many scenarios


Eric Jackson