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2014 Pan Am Championships Wrap- Up


Held at NOC- site of the 2013 World Championships- 6 countries competed.




Emily Jackson took top seed in prelims this morning with a 550 point second ride and a 360 point first ride for an 880 point total.     Courtney Kerin not far behind with a 580 combined in second and Sydney Nixon from Canada with a 440.    Katie Jackson from Alabama had 180 points combined (17 years old).

Junior Men:

Top seed was Bennet Smith with a 1,900 point combined score to lead the pack over David Silk with 1240 and then Alec Vorhees, Max Haworth, and then Jacob Walker all go to the finals this afternoon.

Men’s Class:

Nick Troutman had a 1300 point ride and an 800 point ride to take 1st in the prelims, followed by Tommy Yon at 1690 combined and then myself (EJ) at 1640 (1090 point ride and a 550 point ride) Matt Anger was 4th, Yonton Meuler was 5th and Brad Caldwell gets in at 6th since Yonton is not from the Americas.

The weather here at NOC is perfect, and water levels are perfect for this feature.   The atmosphere is quite different from the World Championships where it was all hyped up, big crowds, TV, competing under the lights, etc…   This event is small crowds, athlete judging, but a very nice environment for everyone.

Finals starts in 15 minutes for the Women, followed by Junior men, and then Men’s pro class.

PM- Finals:

Women’s classes were first and it was:

Emily Jackson-660- Rock Star small-competition- USA

Courtney Kerin- 330- Rock Star small- carbon- New Zealand


Sydney Nixon- 180- Rock Star small- Canada

Katie Jackson- 130- 2012 Rock Star Small- USA


Junior Mens’ Class-

Bennett Smith- 860- Rock Star Large, Competition model- USA

Alec Vorhees- 660- Rock Star Large competition model- USA

David Silk- 580- Carbon Rock Star Medium- USA

Max Haworth- 550-  Rock Star medium- USA

Jacob Walker-  380-Rock Star medium- USA


Senior Men’s Class-

Nick Troutman- 1250- Rock Star medium- competition- Canada

Tommy Yon- 800- Mobius- USA

Eric Jackson- 800- Rock Star medium- competition- USA

Matt Anger- 790- Jed- carbon- USA

Yonton Meuler- 750- Liquid Logic prototype- Israel

Brad Caldwell-  640- Jed- USA


Good finals- great weather, great vibes, and smooth event that went fast.      The rain was threatening for awards but it worked out fine in the end!

I am writing this from the road- only 68 miles away.   Putting away the play boat and getting out the creek boat for Sickline now!