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The weather forecast was broken here in Ireland for a day!!
It predicted zero wind and temperatures around 16 degrees in spring time!
Well obviously with these forecasts a few of us teamed up and headed a couple of miles offshore to a shipwreck in around 100 feet of water, the previous weekend there was very little fish about as the water temperature is still around 6 degrees. With this in mind the plan was to fish deeper water around a wreck for something worthwhile.
Geared up we all set off out to the mark around 07.30 and man was it hot, especially wearing a full dry suit.

A short time later we arrived at the chosen location and sent the baits to the bottom. I couldn’t help notice on the fish finder the complete lack of fish around the wreck. A few very slow hours later the only thing we had to show was a couple of scorpion fish, poor Cod and a Whiting to myself, the other 2 lads blanked.

We called it a day at the wreck and headed back inshore to fish the same location around the rocks as the previous outing for pollock. Along the way we all picked up an odd scorpion fish. Once back inshore the fishing really switched on with literally around 20 fish each to around 4lb.

On light gear it’s great sport and it really takes it out of you, between the big paddle and all the pollock bashing I was completely busted and slept like a baby that night.

Water temps are still very low and there really isn’t much fish about so I’m looking forward to the coming months when hopefully everything kicks into full swing…