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How to hold a Basic Position

Learn to hold a BASIC POSITION by doing exercises in the video! What is it? One of the critical elements in kayaking is your body position and posture. Your spine is the key that allows you to transmit force from your upper body to your lower body and vice versa. You...

How to Weigh a Fish without a Scale

Fish Scales ..Not Necessary Fish scales of a different kind, years ago I developed a formula for determining the weight of a bass. One of the first questions that arises when someone sees a bass picture is, “how much did it weigh?” It was just an educated guess with a...

Gnarvana Boofing on the Watauga Gorge

Watauga Gorge is a beloved Class IV-V river run near my neck of the woods. Many locals describe it as the biscuits and gravy of whitewater boat riding in the southeast! It is chocked with a variety of different rapids that host many fun boofs, slots and slides. The...

Jackson Kayak Trail debuts in Kansas and Missouri

This past weekend was the last week of winter and boy did Mother Nature remind us to pump the brakes on spring 😂! We had 3 divisions kick off their respective seasons with high winds and freezing temperatures. Starting on Saturday the BIG HILL division in Kansas sent...

How to control Your Edging

Learn to control YOUR EDGING by doing exercises in the video! What is it? Edging is the ability to put your boat on edge while holding your centre of gravity over the boat’s centre. In moving water, it allows the water to pass under the...

Locating Spring Largemouth Bass from Pre-Spawn to Spawn

For many anglers, spring is an ideal time to catch a new personal best largemouth bass. Many will try to beat the banks in very shallow water hoping to come across a giant. Locating spring bass, however, can be much more calculated than that. What if you could find...

Fishing Friendly Harvest

Fishing Friendly Harvest Fishing for fun or food which ever goal suits you can be equally rewarding. Even the “cast for cash” crowd can benefit from careful handling of fish or management of the resource. Years ago, a crusade was started advocating catch and release....

Backyard Favorites

Sometimes after (or in the middle of) a long week, there’s nothing like a classic run to scratch that paddling itch. For me, one of my backyard favorites is the Sinks to the Elbows on the Little River. Only 45 minutes from Knoxville, TN, this run has water for most of...

Tips to Turn Your Space Godzilla and Loop tricks into a Combo

James River, Pipeline rapid The space godzilla loop combo is one of my favorite combo tricks. It allows you to go big on 2 tricks in a row and score some fast points in a freestyle competition. Knowing how to space godzilla and loop are prerequisites to learning this...

Cherokee Lake Tennessee kicks off the season

USA BASSINS JAKSON KAYAK TRAIL has its first ever winner and a 19” smallie takes BIG bass. Please help me congratulate Chris Falin on his victory on Cherokee Lake this past weekend. Chris has been fishing from a kayak for the last 4 years and jumped at the opportunity...
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