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What is a Jackson Kayak Distributor?


Jackson Kayak distributors help to provide boats to all corners of the world. In some cases they do sell direct to end consumers, and in others they support a network of dealers in their territory. If you are looking for a Jackson Kayak in your part of the world they can help refer you to the closest retailer and likely provide inventory assessments.

Moving boats around the world takes a bit of time and planning, so please be patient if the distributor informs you of a lead time that may seem different from what you expect from normal retailer.  Often they bring in one large container a year to their region to reduce freight costs.


Jackson Kayak Distributor Contact Information



Velocity Watersports

email :,



Rivers, Lakes & Oceans

email :



River and Lake Outdoor

email :



Passion Nature

email :


Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic,
Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania

Mega Sports Vertriebs GmbH

email :



Star Corporation

email :


New Zealand

Long Cloud Kayaks

email :


Puerto Rico

Rodsan, LLC DBA The Sup Shack

email :


Alfardan Marine

email :

phone: 44209164


UK, Ireland, and Scotland

Square Rock

email :