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Whatever the fishery, the YuPIK offers nearly limitless options for customizing your adventure.


Find out why the Coosa excels in small-water fisheries.


Discover why the Kilroy HD is the new standard in versatility.


Discover the ways our 360 Pro helps you be a better angler.


Pedal, Paddle and Power options are all
here now with the introduction of the Flex Drive E.


Jackson Kayak

Bite Angler


Jackson Kayak

Bite FD


Jackson Kayak

Coosa FD


Jackson Kayak

Coosa HD


Jackson Kayak



2022 Jackson Kayak TakeTwo

Jackson Kayak



Bluesky Boatworks

360 Angler


Bluesky Boatworks

360 Pro


Kayak Country

Kayak Country While BIG boats blast off, there’s something special about the slower-paced kayak and the places it can take you. For speed, safety in rough waters, and lots of room, bigger boats have the edge, BUT in secluded spots, smaller bodies of shallow water, and...

The Ageless Minnow “Plug”

The Ageless Minnow “Plug” Early artificial bass baits resembled frogs, crawfish and even things like baby birds. Along the same time as the artificial baits came along lures that were meant to resemble minnows surfaced. (Pun intended) Most baits being constructed from...

Prepare for the Invasion

Prepare for the Invasion 221 years ago was the last time it happened..the Invasion! The cicada hatch of the 13 and 17 year cycle, a co-emergence of the cicadas. With black bodies, redeyes and orange tinted wings the emergence is triggered by the soil temperature...

River Clean Up

Submitted by Adam Pross I walk the shores of a local river in my area. What once was so beautiful and majestic is now slowly disappearing. I was blown away by the amount of trash that we, as recreational river users, leave behind, which may not all be intentional....

Cold Water Kayak Fishing

Cold Water Kayak Fishing Regardless of geographic location it’s likely you’ll be faced with colder water conditions at some point in time. Cold is a relative term dependent on what normal conditions might be. Cold in the north could mean “hard water” aka ice. In...

Winter Kayak Trout Fishing

Join Scott Brands as he takes the Knarr FD out for some wintertime trout fishing!

New Year – New Year 2024

New Year – New Gear A new year brings new beginnings and the yearning for what’s new, the kayaking / fishing world has lots to offer. I continue to do ZERO with technology and electronics and spend my money and time with innovations that keep me safe, catch more fish...

Unveiling the Ultimate Kayaking Haven: Inside Kayak Instruction Inc. in Rowlett

Submitted by Vick White There's something exhilarating about being out on the water, gliding through currents, and feeling the gentle splash of waves against your kayak. As someone passionate about kayaking, finding the right gear and guidance is essential. Recently,...

As We Wave Goodbye to 2023

2023 found us relocating to a new home on a new lake. Here we go, having to learn about the 3600-acre Woods Reservoir and the headwaters, the Elk River. A unique and exciting aspect of our new spot was the presence of largemouth and smallmouth and a well-kept secret...

The Short Shank Redemption: A Look at Fish Hooks

Short Shank Redemption: A Look at the Hook Thousands of years old, the look of the fish hook has changed but the concept has not. Lure the fish in to bite the bait and set the hook to eventually catch the fish. With some natural bait attached, adorned with fur,...