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Whatever the fishery, the YuPIK offers nearly limitless options for customizing your adventure.


Find out why the Coosa excels in small-water fisheries.


Discover why the Kilroy HD is the new standard in versatility.


Discover the ways our 360 Pro helps you be a better angler.


Pedal, Paddle and Power options are all
here now with the introduction of the Flex Drive E.


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2022 Jackson Kayak TakeTwo

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Bluesky Boatworks

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More April tournaments

Well it’s been a couple of crazy weeks for me personally but we’ll save that for another day. Let’s catch up on some USA Bassin / Jackson Kayak Trail action. Looking back a couple of weeks ago we had 6 scheduled tournaments set to set sail and we bugin in Virginia on...

Private Waters Kayak Bass Fishing In The Knarr!

In this video I take the kayak out onto private waters for some largemouth bass fishing! This farm pond is completely overloaded with shad making the fishing difficult since the fish are so well fed. However, every spring the bass move shallow to spawn and feed up...


Submitted by Adam Pross It’s funny how we are so focused on time in our lives. From the moment I wake up in the morning, the clock starts ticking as I go through my work day and my family life. I guess I could say I wish I had 26 hours in a day, not 24. The one thing...

Positive mind set

Submitted by Adam Pross Is it paddling, pedaling or motorized zipping along the water that fills that void? Are you like me, someone who feels the water constantly calls my name? Does the adrenaline rush of tournaments drive you or just love chasing your favorite...

Colorado Kayak Bassmasters Tournament On Pueblo Reservoir

In this video I fish the second stop for the Colorado Kayak Bassmasters tournament series. After winning the last tournament, I went into this one at the top of the Angler of the Year standings. Tune in to see how I finished and make sure to subscribe, like, and...

CKFC Monthly Kayak Bass Tournament Part 2! Did I Win?!

After the last video my monthly total for the CKFC April tournament was 81". With only one more day to fish before the end of the tourney, I decided to go back to where I caught a 20.5" bass a couple days earlier. Tune into the video to see how I did on the day and...

Broken Fishing Rod? Try This!

We have all managed to break a fishing rod whether it was a tip in a doorway or ceiling fan. All we need to do is clean up the tip section and replace the rod eye tip. A few of us have also broken the fishing rod further down the rod by horsing a fish that was not...

Colorado Kayak Fishing Club Monthly Bass Tournament

In this video Scott Brands takes us along a short after work kayak fishing trip ins earch for big bass! He is also competing in the Colorado Kayak Fishing Club's April tournament where the 5 longest fish for the month go towards your limit. See if he can improve his...

More than a fishing platform

Last year, I received a unique trip request from a Swedish Production company. They needed someone in Hanover, NH: “We're in the process of shooting a documentary in which we will shoot a sequence on the Connecticut river/ Mink Brook. For these scenes we would need a...

Kayak Tourney In The Snow!

Come along as Scott Brands competes in the Colorado Kayak Bassmasters fishing tournament on Chatfield Lake! The conditions were brutal with freezing temperatures and light snow! The bite was tough, but tune in to see how he faired!...