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2022 Knarr Foam Block Installation and Ordering Instructions

All Jackson Kayak 2022 Knarr owners are eligible to receive a free pair of foam blocks from Jackson in order to upgrade their existing kayak. These foam blocks assist in stiffening the deck of the kayak. Please allow 3-5 business days for response from Jackson Kayak. (aslo, check your spam emails if you have not heard back from us!)

How To Order

To order, please fill out this form

Knarr Foam Block Request Form

Shipping Address

Find the hull ID number on the rear of the kayak near the parting line

Installation Instructional Video

Please take a moment to watch this video.

Installation Instructions

Make sure you have a tape measure, some soapy water, and something to push the foam block. A wooden spoon, dowel or toilet plunger will work fine

The longest side of the foam block should face the outside gunnel. The curved part of the block should face downwards

Use soapy water to lubricate foam block. This will help it slide down the gunnel easier

Open the front hatch of your kayak. Looking down the hull, you will see two curved surfaces on the bottom of the kayak. These are called ‘chines’

Line up the curved surface of your foam block with either the left or right chine, with the largest side facing out towards the wall of the kayak

Push hard until the block is past the tankwell at the top of the kayak

Use your pushing device to push it as far back as you can

Use the measuring tape to make sure it is at least 20 inches from the block to the front of the forward tank well. If it is not, use your stick/spoon/plunger to push further in to the boat

Repeat process with second block in the other side.

If you have any issues. Please do not hesitate to contact us