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Jon’s home waters, in Southern New England and New York, are excellent training grounds abounding in tide races, breach ways, surf and rock gardens. These waters inspired him to paddle and explore at a young age. Jon Tobiassen is currently a member of Jackson Kayak’s Exploration Team. He has been paddling and rowing for over 35 years. Jon is  a certified teacher of Biology and Physical Sciences. He is also a Coast Guard Auxiliary Volunteer and First Aid / CPR certified. Jon is a rock solid kayak instructor with 5 Star skills who has been teaching paddlers how to operate their boats in conditions for 20 years. Jon started paddling kayaks in 1992 and they have taken him to remarkable places and enabled him to have amazing experiences. Over the years, Jon has:

~ Paddled Scotland’s Corryvreckan - right into the throat of The Hag

~ Caught and released sharks miles offshore on Stellwagen Bank

~ Surfed sea caves in Newfoundland

~ Ridden heavy swell in San Diego

~ Played in wind storms while in New Zealand

~ Rescued a young Minke Whale whale off Campobello Island

~ Rock gardened by bioluminescence in Connecticut, New York and RI in one night

His best experience ever? ... seeing the spark in a new kayaker's eye that affirms they will kayak from now on.

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