Brandon "BAM" Miller

Brandon AKA “Bam” Miller is a tournament bass fisherman based out of Lodi, California. Lodi is situated 15 minutes away from the prized California delta and within an hour of the Sierra Nevadas and the Motherlode lakes that sit at their base. A lifetime of fishing this area with his father, from the high Sierra trout streams and out to the meandering sloughs of the Delta, has facilitated a healthy addiction to fishing. His life revolves around fishing as he owns a custom fishing rod business, Guru Fishing Rods, and allocates every bit of his free time to being on the water to improve his game.

Bam began tournament bass fishing from a kayak back in 2014 and has since dove head first into any bass fishing competition available, whether it be from a bass boat or kayak. He has experienced success in both realms. He has achieved top finishes in the west coast kayak trails and a 2019 angler of the year award with the local Yak-a-bass club, and has also earned two separate angler of the year awards from the bass boat. Bam is incredibly excited to be partnering up with Jackson Kayak. Jackson is a brand that he sold at a local kayak shop at the beginning stages of his kayak journey, and that undeniably helped grow his roots further into the sport.