Jamie Broad

Growing up in East Texas. Fishing has always been apart of my life. Its just something my friends and I always did on the weekends. I picked up a kayak from a big box store 9 years ago. It was just something my son and I could do together. Little did I know that purchase would change my life. It took 6 years before the change started to take hold.  I would always take my kayaks out with my son and friends on the weekends. Little did I know there was a huge following with these little plastic boats.

3 ½ years ago I found out about EXTKF (East Texas Kayak Fishing). I had little to no idea what to expect. I went to the first event and I was blown away that there was so many people that also like to fish out of kayaks. The events went absolutely horrible I lost 2 fish off the board. The wind blew me all over the lake. It was a bad day for me atleast I though so. I ended up winning 4th place at my very first event and I won 60$. That was all it took for me to be hooked. Now 3 years later I have competed in over 120 events over 8 states. I have been lucky enough to have 55 top ten finishes, 10 3rd place, 3 second and Won 9. Its been an amazing road I have traveled over the last few years. I have become apart of such a wonderful group. This really has become a lifestyle for me and my family.