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Fish, nature, freedom and liberty are the four basic concepts that characterize me as a fisherman.
My grandmother once told me that as soon as I jumped out of the stroller, so I got hold of a rod and fished the river near my birthplace.

You might think I d lose interest in fishing, as the years went by, but the opposite is true. Day after day, I spent my school years by the river floatfishing for beautiful chub, roach, nase and carps...

I spent beautiful ten years in the junior national float fishing team, first as an athlete and later on as a coach. This stage of my fishing life ended when I began my spinning career.

Now I can hardly imagine a week without at least a short time on the water with soft baits or cranks.  I love autumn fishing on our dams, when the target fish is perch and zander, and it never stops being a lot of fun for me.

Autumn quickly became my favorite fishing season The cold creeps under your fingers, frost crunching underfoot and several kilometers around it s only you, your rod and a huge expanse of water in front of you, in which many predators hide.
Autumn does not last all year, so in the summer months I fish on rivers where not the only zander and perch, but also pike, asp and catfish. You can imagine long fight with 1m+ catfish that is a real adrenaline. Thanks to Jan Liska and other friends I caught the kayakfishing fever. At first I was a bit scared of capsizing, but that went away after the first day in a kayak and I would never have believed that you canstand and fish from a kayak.

Fishing from kayak is my passion now! I cannot imagine how I could have without the yak:) I really love the feeling of absolute freedom on the water!
I wish all fishermen lots of experiences and awesome catches, which would certainly be released, because the fish on a plate can never be caught again.

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