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The earliest memories that I have are of bass fishing with my grandparents. They would put a life jacket on me and attach a dog leash to the back of it which they would tie off to a lawn chair. Fast forward more than forty years later and I’m fishing national tournaments out of a kayak on the Hobie BOS, KBF, regional and I’m on the board of Northeast Texas Kayak Bass League and hosting a tournament fishing podcast! I have fished all over the world from the Rocky Mountains to the ponds of the former dictator’s palaces in Baghdad, Iraq. It has been my life’s greatest passion for as long as I can remember.

I discovered kayak fishing in 2013 when I got home from Iraq and bought my first Jackson, a Cuda 14 HD shortly thereafter, and the rest is history! I am currently fishing out of a 2021 Jackson Big Rig HD/FD and I absolutely love it for it’s versatility, stability, and agility on the water. I spend a ton of time standing in my Big Rig and there is not a more stable platform to accommodate that style of fishing. I also love Jackson’s commitment to the highest levels of customer service and product innovation.

As long as Jackson is around, you will never see me in another boat.

See y’all on the water!

Recent Posts