Kayak Mike Guest

"My name is Mike Guest AKA “Kayak Mike”. You can find me on YouTube and other social media platforms under that name.  I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and target the river systems within an hour drive of Southwest Ohio such as the Little Miami River, Great Miami River, and the Ohio River.  My profession is in finance but I also coached 7 different teams across 4 sports over the past decade.  Now that I have a family, I have turned my free time from coaching to Kayak fishing.  I run a National Kayak Catfishing Tournament Series called Kayaks and Cats that you can find on the Fishing Chaos App.  I fish 20+ tournaments a year amongst various scenes and there is never a time on the water I am not competing.  I am entering my sophomore season as a Kayak Angler and a Trophy Catfisherman.  My personal goal is to help grow the sport as I grow as an individual, and I am very proud to have Jackson Kayak alongside me for this journey."