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I was born in Toluca, Mexico (dad had a job there), and grew up for the most part in Northern Virginia, close to Washington, D.C.  Most of my family has an artistic streak, and my focus turned out to be music.  In 2003, I left Virginia for a job playing guitar for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus.  After a few years of living on the circus train, meeting my beautiful wife Aline on the show, and traveling the country, I hopped off in New Orleans to finish my degree in music.   Having taught myself photography while on the road, I started a small business here shooting portraiture, weddings and pretty much anything that paid.   When I’m not kayak fishing, I’m running my photography business, playing music around New Orleans, and hanging out with my wife Aline and our young son Rafael.


Growing up, my family always made time for camping, hiking and outdoor activity, and I played a lot of sports.  After a few years in the city, I was getting frustrated with the relative lack of opportunity for hiking and camping, and realized that I was approaching it wrong in a city surrounded by water.  After the first couple of trips in a kayak, I was hooked, and I knew I had found a way to get the peace and solitude of the outdoors that I craved, and explore the beauty of my adopted state.


I fish primarily the areas around New Orleans, often focusing on the East side of the Mississippi river, in St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parish.   My favorite fishing activity is sight fish redfish in shallow water, something that my Kilroy is outstandingly well outfitted for.  You can find a fairly extensive article about sight fishing from a kayak that I wrote on my blog, Bayou Chronicles.  I’ve also had the good fortune of having a couple of trips to Alaska to fish, including a great trip in 2016 that had some great kayak fishing in deep water for Halibut and Salmon.


I enjoy writing and documenting my trips via video and still photography, and maintain an active blog entitled Bayou Chronicles, with fishing reports, reviews, and my video and still photography.  I’m always looking for opportunites to photograph and write about the outdoors and kayak fishing.

Recent Posts