Zoltan Kalauz

Hi, my name is Zoltan Kalauz, and I am 38 years old, and I am from Siófok from Hungary. Siófok can be find at the shore of the Lake Balaton, which is one of the biggest lake in Europe. This is my favourite fishing place, where I search for Zander (Walleye), and ASP. I like spinning, and baitcasting as well. I tired almost all the fishing methods exept big carp fishing, but my favourite is the kayak fishing. I love, that I can reach the best fishing destinations with my kayak. The best way to spend your fishing time on the water.
From 2015 I am Jackson kayak dealer in Hungary, and I am the YakAttack distributor in Europe. I think, the Jackson kayak and the YakAttack accessories are the best solutions for every kayak fisherman.
I am the chairman of the local fishing association too. I hope as a Hungarian Jackson Team Member I can help to gain ground the kayak fishing in Hungary.
I have two kayaks, a Cuda14, and a Big Tuna. I like the Cuda 14 because of its speed what is important if you need long distance paddling, and I load the tandem Big Tuna on to the roofrack, if I want to take with me my son, or my wife for fishing.