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Hey, I’m Chris. I grew up and lived in Gatineau, Québec (Canada) all my life.

I’m what you would consider a late bloomer in fishing (2010). I started fishing for my son at age 38. Fun fact, I am allergic to fish and did not know that catch and release existed. The moment I understood that, I went and bought my first boat. I was lucky enough to learn from some of the best anglers in Canada. I’m like a sponge. And fishing is an infinite learning sport. During the next few years, I tried to learn as much as I could about bass fishing. Within a few years, I was competing in many tournaments in Canada. In return, I shared with those who wanted the things I had learned over the years.

Fast forward to three boats later, I decided to take a break from fishing. And a few years later, I decided to get back at it but in a kayak. Never did I know how ‘’hooked’’ I would get to this ever growing sport. Re-learning how to fish. Kayak positioning.  Organization of gear. Another awesome learning opportunity. A couple of kayaks later, I decided to get a Knarr FD from Jackson Kayak. I have never looked back since. It’s really important for me to be able to customize my kayak so I can add all the tournament gear that I want and have lots of space in my kayak to not feel cramped. This kayak answered all my needs. The rest was history.

I mostly like to target largemouth and smallmouth bass but also like to fish other species like pike, walleye and the various pan fish.

I’m really active on social media and you will find me sharing my fishing adventures, pictures and also tips and tricks. Sharing with others is really important for me and especially our kids who will in return continue to help grow the sport of kayak fishing even more. Sustainability is key. Nothing makes me more happy than talking with people at the ramp, on the water or on social media asking questions about kayak fishing.

One thing I’ve learned is that we are never too old to shoot for the stars and live the dream.

Oh and one last thing, oui, je parle français.

Recent Posts