Clint Taylor

My name is Clint Taylor and I am an engineer at Enprotec / Hibbs & Todd, Inc. in Abilene, Texas. I love all that Texas has to offer and have fished many of the Texas rivers including the Devils River, San Saba River, Llano River, San Marcos River, South Llano River, Leon River, Frio River and the Guadalupe River to name a few.

I started out fishing as a little boy around five years old walking the banks of the nearest creeks with my Dad. This is extremely fun and effective way to fish and it is what got me started into the sport of fishing. Now, I use my Jackson Kayak to help me catch fish but every now and then I’ll still do a little wade fishing. I hardly ever fish anything other than a river or a creek due to the beauty and cleanliness of the cool and clear Texas spring water. No matter how big the stream is, you can bet I might throw in a line with my Jackson Kayak.

Fortunately, I have been blessed to be able to go to many different rivers, including my favorite river, the Devils River. This is my favorite place to fish at due to its remoteness and beauty, along with how untouched this river is in such modern times. I also like to target the state fish of Texas, the Guadalupe Bass. This is a somewhat rare fish that is only found in a region of Texas known as the Edward’s Plateau. I like to capture my journeys through photography and videography whenever I get the chance. Along with all the articles you find here on Jackson Kayak from me, be sure to check out my personal website for more articles and some true Texas rivers, fish, and landscapes.