Cody Hainley

Hello my name is Cody Hainley. I’m and automotive technician and an avid outdoorsman. I started fishing way back before I could remember much. My love for fishing really started back in high school when I started bank fishing for catfish. Shortly after high school was over I moved back to Ohio from Pennsylvania and bought one of those cool square back canoes and slapped a trolling motor on it and rocked that thing all over the place but after a year of having a canoe it was time for a kayak. After shopping around for awhile I got a 2015 Coosa HD and didn’t even make it home before I was at the store buying yakattack gear to rig my yak. After fishing for a month or two just for fun I decided I wanted to tournament fish and I haven’t looked back since then. I’ve got to meet so many people that turned into great friends all because of kayak fishing. I truly love the sport and I never plan to stop fishing from a kayak.