Dottie Wheat

I’m Dottie Lynn Wheat, a native of the small town of Caledonia, Mississippi. I come from a huge family of fisherman. Every generation takes pride in catfishing. Most of my childhood was spent in a Jon boat on the Tombigbee and Buttahatchee river in Mississippi. I can remember fishing with hotdogs and catalpa worms in the pond on our land.  It’s not far fetched to say fishing is in my blood. Fast forward several years and that same passion still lives. Only now I’m married and have two amazing sons who I get to share my love of fishing with. This chapter of my life has lead me to leave the rivers behind and fish the bays of Corpus Christi, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico.  Saltwater and Kayak Fishing was a foreign concept to me until I married my husband who had grew up doing both and shares the same passion for fishing as I do. What started out as a way to spend time with my husband is now my greatest passion. I now write articles for a local magazine called the Saltwater Angler and hold a few awesome Pro-staff positions. Saltwater Kayak Fishing is one of the greatest things I have ever done whether inshore or offshore its addictive. We fish as a family so you can usually find our two sons John and William sitting on the bow of our kayaks sighting for Redfish. Kayaks are not in short supply after trying a few out I finally purchased my first Jackson and fell in love. Since then Jackson Kayak is the only thing my family trust and paddles. I am extremely honored to be apart of the Jackson Kayak Fishing team and stoked to see what kind of fish the future brings.