Henrik Goedeke

Water is the source of life, not only for all organisms and creatures but for my everyday, workaday life. – And Kayak-fishing gives me the energy I need!
Since I moved to Kassel a few years ago I met some guys who own a big fishing boat and so they exited the old fishing guy I was in the past. Together we had some blasting hours on the water and my passion was back. But this time it happened to be very serious – In a very short period of time I learned a lot, bought like 15 rods till my setup was nearly perfect for my fishing and so on. (I think you all know it) But I also learned to love meeting new fishing people and just go fishing with them at their locations. And so I heard of kayak-fishing and at first it was really no (!) alternative for me: “It has to be uncomfortable, sitting all day long, and where do I store all my tackle?” were my thoughts. A few month later youtube suggested me some kayak-fishing-videos: hooked on wild waters. I don’t know why, but now I really was hooked on kayak fishing and I really needed to try it out. After doing a lot of research I decided to buy a simple and used fishing-kayak, because I’m a university-student and money is rare. But in Germany it is hard to get one of these – a good sign, because nobody sells great products. I had to travel like 600km (372 miles) to get my first fishing kayak and there I met Hendrik (Kayak-Fishing Regional Team) and his girlfriend Sarah. Both are kayak-fishing and both are paddeling a Jackson Kayak. So I tried out their Coosa and Coosa HD and I knew: This has to be my goal. These kayaks are totally great ! But first I had to get a job and I had to learn a lot about my recently bought kayak. I spent about 150 hours with the kayak on the Baltic sea fishing for cod and sea trout and on the big lakes around Kassel where I mostly fish for perch and sometimes pike or zander. But there was a very special fishing-trip for me: Hendrik invited me to go out camping and fishing with Dennis (Factory Team – Fishing Team Manager Germany, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic), Thorsten, Rolf and Holly. (https://hub.jacksonkayak.com/blog/2016/04/24/vorosterliches-kayak-dorschangeln-auf-der-ostsee/)
Here we started talking about my Jackson-future and I think Dennis notices my passion and power and for kayak fishing and so here I am – Member of the Jackson Kayak-Fishing Regional Team.

My kayak of choice is the Kilroy. I love it since the first second I got it and my doubts from the beginning are gone: It is totally comfortable, I can sit or even stand all day long and I can carry more than enough tackle.
I’m looking forward to all the great moments I will enjoy while I’m kayak-fishing and I will try to capture and share as many of these moments as I can.

Now some facts about me:

My name is Henrik Goedeke, born in 1991, living in Kassel, studying mathematics, german-language and music and in the future I want to teach in primary school. When I am not kayak-fishing or visiting university-courses I’m touring as an audio engineer with my girlfriends band.

Hope you enjoyed reading, till soon,