Jerod McComas

Hello my name is Jerod McComas and I live in Central Ohio. I am a Project Manager for and environmental firm in Central Ohio. I grew up hunting and fishing with my family. I can remember countless days and nights fishing with my grandfather either on the river bank or fishing local ponds.
I have a passion for chasing Bass and Musky in Ohio and the surrounding states. I have made several trips down south and enjoy Saltwater and brackish water fishing. Currently I fish from a Mayfly, as It offers me the ability to stand and fish as well as the maneuverability for tight river fishing.
I purchased my first Kayak in 2003 and have been fishing from them ever since. Kayak fishing for me is a family affair. Often times you will find my son and daughter fishing the local rivers and lakes with me. I am privileged to represent my local kayak shop at various shows and events. I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge with others who are interested in kayaking and fishing.