Keith Glass

I gained my love for fishing at around the age of 5 with my father. We used to sit on the pier in Norfolk Virginia where I was born and catch all different kinds of fish. Sometimes the occasional shark! When my father retired from the navy we moved to Winchester KY. When I got here, I thought to myself, “where’s all the water? And what is blue grass?” Ha! That was until I caught my first fresh water bass! I was “hooked forever!”  And been chasing the next good tug ever since.

After I got out of high school, I pursued a career in the construction business, which now, after 12 years of trim carpentry, I run my own contracting business and hope to enjoy the work as long as I know I’ll enjoy the outdoors. I plan on offering guided smallmouth, musky, and bass, kayak fishing trips and find it hard to beat the excitement I get putting a new fisherman, or kayaker on their first kayak fish! No matter what it is, it such a thrill to be so close to the water and alittle more at one with nature.
My family is always number 1. My favorite time spent is when we can finally align the busy schedules and just get out and relax as a family in our jk kayaks. Catch some fish, eat some lunch, and enjoy the company.