Luke Williams

Growing up just outside the small town of Wapakoneta, Ohio could be quite boring for some, but growing up, Luke Williams stayed busy with plenty of land to roam and two ponds to fish.  With his father, grandpa, great uncle, or family friends at his side he gained a love for fishing at a young age.  As he grew older he was also active with high school sports and other opportunities.  During the spring of his senior year of high school he was introduced to kayak fishing and loved it from the moment he tried it.  He says it gives him the perfect balance of fishing while not being confined to the banks allowing him to keep moving, occupied, and always curious.  Luke has taken several kayak fishing trips, as he went with a high school group to Sparta, Tennessee to learn more about Jackson Kayak at the factory.  He has also made the trip up to Lake Erie on his Cuda 12 to slam the trophy smallmouth that reside there.
He is now a student at Ohio Northern University studying pharmacy.  When he is not in school or on the water he is commonly coaching or playing soccer.  He normally fishes around his hometown and is lucky to be close enough to plenty of water to occupy him.  He often travels to Kayak Fishing Ohio events, River Bassin events, or just with his friends to explore any new waters.  He usually targets largemouth or smallmouth bass but often goes bowfishing for carp.