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My name is Robin van Gils and since this summer the first Jackson Kayak Fishing Team member of the Netherlands.

I started fishing in the local fishing waters in the village where I lived. Catching roach, bream, pike and perch.

Years later I went carp fishing and the most beautiful catches were those when I was stalking feeding carp with light tackle. Already in these days I saw the advantage of having a boat as the best spots were always out of reach.

In 1999 I started flyfishing. I have been chasing bonefish in the Bahamas, Steelheading in Canada and chased Tarpon in Cuba.

But in the end,…nothing beats light tackle trout fishing in European streams and rivers. Dropping the dry fly on a 6x tippet to a feeding trout creates this moment that you are one with the nature surrounded by you.

These same feelings are generated when I step into my Jackson Kilroy . You paddle out and nobody else is bothering me with the endless loads of shit in this crazy world.

It is my intention to practice a lot of different fishing styles from the kayak in the coming years as every season in the Netherlands brings us different species.

Out there on the water, you are on your own. You are the guest of the world underneath. What a privilege to be there. !

Hope to meet you on the water,…somewhere,…some day !!

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