Sean Herp

Hey there! My name is Sean Herp and I grew up in Cedar Springs, a small western Michigan town not too far from Grand Rapids. Aside from fishing, I spend my time at work, school, or in my university’s jazz band. I work as a student employee for my university and on my way to attaining a degree in Criminal Justice. My plan is to become a law enforcement officer at either a local or federal level. I currently attend Ferris State University which is located just miles from the beautiful Muskegon River. Most of my fishing takes place here, but I get out just about anywhere I can get my Jackson Big Rig into. I fish mainly for bass, and do a few tournaments out of bass boats, as I am on the Fishing Team for my university. Other than that, I often fish for pike, musky, and anything that bites! From a very young age, fishing has been my number one hobby and it all began because I grew up on a small private lake. I haven’t been kayak fishing for a very long time, but once I started, there was no going back. The accessibility and versatility fishing from a kayak offers is by far my favorite part. The best part though? It fits in my apartment at college. My old boat did not. For any anglers in or going to college, take that into consideration!