Shannon Williams

Hi! I'm Shannon and I'm from Flint, Michigan! I developed my love of fishing from my father at a very young age. I spent every summer in our motorhome exploring Northern Michigan with my parents. We did everything from fishing in canoes, flat bottom boats, fishing Steelhead on the Great Lakes or simply throwing a bobber and worm from shore(I still remember catching my first Pike. The fight and how proud I was). My love of fishing remained with me through my adulthood and eventually with my children. I took my son deep sea fishing once and he said it was the best day of his life! 5 years ago, you could see my daughter and I riding our bikes through town with a Hannah Montana backpack on my shoulders and 2 fishing poles tied to my bike with a handkerchief heading to the local millpond. A year later I met my fiance. He introduced me not only to kayaks (which I had never been in until I met him) but to kayak fishing rivers! INSTANTLY IN LOVE WITH BOTH OF THEM! The challenge of the current and hooking a river monster without tipping!  Absolutely incredible!! This was hands down my favorite way of fishing! Although, I quit worrying about tipping as soon as I got my first Jackson Kayak! Their stability is amazing! I can now stand through alot of rapids! We now travel to different states to see what we can find in their rivers! I have SO many species now that I want to catch from my kayak! Salmon! Steelhead! Muskie! Halibut! Tarpon! Sharks! Bring it on!!!