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Name: Andi Brunner

Date of Birth: 12/21/1997

Favourite Boat: Nirvana

Places traveled: Pakistan, Chile, Zambia, Tibet, Nepal, Russia, Georgia, Canada, USA and most of Europe

Favourite Mission: Indus in Pakistan

Favourite River: Zambezi, warm water and big volume for days

Something crazy about you: I paddled before I learned how to swim

Why do you love kayaking: Because it is so rewarding to get better at it. Nailing the moves and cruising down a big rapid is the best feeling for me in the world!

If not kayaking, what else would you be doing? Getting the pump in the gym

Winner European Cup 2018
Vice European Champion 2019
6th at Worlds 2019
Vice European Champion 2021
7th at Worlds 2021

Instagram: @andi.bruh

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