Brandon Beaty

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Name: Brandon Beaty

Age: 36
Hometown: Cleveland,TN 

Favorite Boats: Karma L, Karma UL and Duo
Favorite Rivers: I can't pick a favorite. I enjoy them all, Class II to V.
Accomplishments:  My eternal shuttle bunny/wife Mandy and two daughters Katelyn and Candace.  
L5 ACA Kayak Instructor 
2 time Green Race survivor 2014/2015
3rd place 2016 Savage Race/ Long boat
1st place Daddy's Creek Race/ Short boat
TVCC President 2012-2014
Crazy Fact about you: I was raised around the Ocoee, but never touched a kayak until my late 20's.  I even learned to swim as a child at the Blue Hole above the Olympic center. (before the Olympics)

Why I love kayaking: I love being in nature and seeing places that most people don't even know exist. 

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