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Name: Katelyn Green

Nickname: Kitty

DOB: 6/18/1998

Hometown: Farmington, Connecticut

Favorite Place to Paddle: Tariffville Gorge, Nantahala

Playboat: 2016 Rock Star M

Creekboat: Zen M

Crazy Fact About You: Sarcasm, playing ice hockey and pizza are just a few of my favorite things.

Why Katelyn Loves Kayaking:  To me, kayaking isn't about doing the biggest tricks or running the biggest rapids. While that might be fulfilling in a personal sense, it's not what drives my passion for kayaking. I believe kayaking is so much more than just a sport. It's a tool to inspire change within the self and within others. I've personally witnessed the impact that kayaking can have, and it only makes me more determined to reach new heights in the sport and reach new people. Kayaking isn’t just a sport — it’s a binder that brings people of all types together in one place, who all experience the river universally. The river doesn't care if you're having a terrible day, if you're a girl or a boy, etc. And that's what makes the river the best teacher. It's for this reason that kayaking has and will continue to be the biggest influence in my life, it's the best teacher there is, but the flow of the river always brings us back together when the water settles.

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