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Medium Jackson Kayak Antix 2.0 Full Interview (Review) with Scooter

The Antix 2.0 is no doubt one of the hottest boats in the Jackson Kayak lineup and I often get asked to borrow either my medium or small. A Long Creek, South Carolina local, Alma Alberghini, AKA “Scooter” took my medium out a number of times to the Tallulah River and...

5 Tips: Practicing For Kayak Tournaments

Tip number one: Map Study • One of the first things I’ll do in preparing for a tournament is break out the map. I primarily use Google Earth to study the lake where the tournament is being held. Google Earth allows you to view satellite imagery of the lake, but the...

Launching the ACA River Kayak Hand Paddling Curriculum

Paddling with your hands? What’s that all about? Probably a decade ago, I was presented with a silly contraption at a pool session that was made from plastic, strapped to your hands, and made it super easy to hand roll a whitewater kayak. Someone called them hand...

S10E10 Kayak Fishing Drakes Bay Costa Rica

In this live airing of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons we are in Drakes Bay Costa Rica at the amazing Aguila De Osa. We are throwing all Band of Anglers lures targeting the amazing fish that live in these tropical waters. Join us live and join in the...

Kayak Considerations – Let’s Go Fishin’

So, you want to fish from a kayak, there’s several things you can consider to make your adventures safe and successful. Choose the best kayak for your style, experience level and types of water you will frequent. As is often the case you will develop your own style...

S10E9 Kayak fishing Sweden PT 3

Our visit to Sweden comes to an end in this Episode of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons LIVE, but before it does, we get out and target trout on the fly, visit with the local reindeer herders and see more of this beautiful country. We are once again hosted by...

Deciding Between Antix 2.0 Sizes

submitted by Christina Kossis  A lot of people may find themselves in a similar position as me, in-between ranges of the recommended sizes for the Antix 2.0. At 5’-7” and approximately 150lbs with my gear, I had trouble deciding between a small and medium. I...

How To Catch Fish In The Spring

Where I’m from in Colorado the ice is FINALLY gone and the lakes are open! I have been able to get out in my Jackson BigRig FD a few times this season and have been having a lot of success! Today I’m going to share with you what’s been working for me and how to catch...

Missouri Relics | Paddling the St Francis River

Earlier this season I had the opportunity to paddle the St Francis River in Missouri. While this isn't my first time on the Saint, it was my first time taking the in Antix 2.0 on this run. I was pleased to find several fun eddy lines to practice stern squirts on. Even...

S10E8 Kayak Fishing During Sweden’s MidSummer Part Two

Our amazing adventure in Sweden Continues in this LIVE airing of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons, Live. The Fishing, scenery and company is simply incredible as we are joined by Jackson Kayak Team Europe and our guest Magnus Bozell. Join us live as we air the...
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