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The Local Section

My Home River, The Barwon River finally has water. It's been so long since we had proper flood stage flows in this short punchy section. honestly, it has to be my top 3 favorite sections iv ever done. the shuttle is short the white water is epic and the stoke is...

FINALLY! | Dane Jackson Stikine

There is nothing quite like finally getting on a run you have always wanted. The Stikine is one of the most iconic sections in the kayaking world, and it just took way too long for me to finally experience it. Fortunately for me it was everything I could have imagined...

Snowy River Race Weekend 2022

Me and a good mate decided to take the 9 hour drive to the Snowy River Race this weekend, and boy was it worth it!! Despite the 3 degree water and the snow covered mountains the white water was unreal. So many people to catch up with that I haven't seen in so long...

Unlocking New Locations!! | Paddling Australia

Iv wanted to surf this wave for so many years, its not big but its a really good shape. The only videos I had seen of this wave were of Anthony Yap from way back in the day. Me and a good friend decided to go one weekend and had a blast, also some really fun rapids...

“A Classics Joy Section” King River

The King River is such a classic joy section. located about 4 hours drive from home it offers good class 3 kayaking. The run can take anywhere from 4 hours to 30 minuets it all depends how long you want to play. Some good waves and some good eddy lines make for a...

Local run joy laps | Paddling the Barwon River

The Barwon River finally has some water. This section is so good because its 3 minuets from home, the after work laps are just so good. Right now its only at medium flows still better then no flows. Its only about 3km long and the car shuttle is super short, in fact...

Stakeout 2022

submitted by Luke Pomeroy If you don’t know, the Stakeout is springtime (April-early June) in Northern Quebec and the Ottawa valley when the rivers get super high from snowmelt. The high water brings the best waves in the world and amazing big water rapids to form....

Throwback – Rio Claro

Every year around October and November, the most spectacular little crack in the Earth opens up in the Andes Mountains of central Chile. Surrounded by desert mountains and plains, cacti, and rose hair tarantulas, the little canyon is packed with one of the highest...

Kayak Fishing in Western Canada

Kayak Fishing in Western Canada Written By : Trevor Thomson 2022 Eastslope Kayak Fishing Classic Well, that’s a wrap already, another year on the WCKFT has come and pretty well gone! Man, summer seems to sure fly by when it’s filled with kayak fishing tournaments,...

2022 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships

2022 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships Cover Photo. Dane crowd. Photo cred: @jled_photo I am a little late on getting this blog done but the 2022 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships were held June 28th to July 2nd in Nottingham, England after being delayed due...
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