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Revisiting Adventure on the Amazon After Back Surgery

Revisiting Adventure on the Amazon After Back Surgery Submitted by Chris Korbulic As a paddler just as intrigued with the geographic interest of a river as the whitewater and its physical dimension, few places are so irresistible as the Amazon. It is a river of...

8 Steps for safely measuring a Kayak Musky

The Kayak Musky Challenge is an online tournament dedicated to the Muskellunge (Esox Masquinongy), a powerful Apex freshwater predator, and the unbelievable guys and gals who enjoy the challenge of catching them. The Kayak Musky mantra is simple; ‘Angler safety +...

62nd Annual Salmon La Sac Whitewater Races

I am fortunate to have attended the 62nd Annual Salmon La Sac Whitewater Races near Roslyn, Washington. 62 years! I’m just wowed by that. This was my first time attending this event and certainly won’t be my last. The Salmon La Sac Whitewater Races are hosted on the...

King River 2023

The King River is a joy section about 4 hours drive from my house. This weekend we had really good flows and I was in the Mix Master, which is a perfect boat for this type of river. It was my first time paddling this boat on a proper river and had a blast....

Sevens Creek Speed Run

Sevens Creek is only 3 hours from my house. Pretty close for Australian kayaking haha. It was 5 in the afternoon when we got to the put-in with 4 hours of daylight left we knew we had heaps of time for a speed run down this tight but very scenic little creek.

First time on the White Nile

I'm Ask Tidemann-Foldvik from Trondheim, Norway. Last year I was lucky enough to meet many new great people in the kayaking community, I got to kayak so many fun rivers and learn lots of new skills, thanks to all of the people that took me kayaking. I hope this year...

Kayak Fishing Ice-Out Brook Trout

Kayak Fishing Ice out Brook Trout “When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest.” Ernest Hemingway Although the calendar says it’s spring, you certainly wouldn’t know it. The lakes of Eastern Ontario are covered with snow...

2022 – full kayaking season in Norway

In 2022 I was kayaking only in Norway. I spent 70 days on the water while working full time, being the mum of a 1-year-old child and expecting a second one. It is possible when you decide to prioritize it and get the support you need, and do not forget to get some...

How to Airscrew

submitted by Luke Pomeroy Here is an instructional video I made on my favourite kayaking trick, The Airscrew! I hope it can be helpful to anyone that wants to learn this super fun trick and I hope there is useful information in this video that isn't as prevalent in...

We Paddled 4 Rivers in 1 Day

submitted by Tom Dolle On a beautiful day in Norway, we took advantage of the 22hour day lights a day and decided to paddle Four rivers in One day. Woke up early and went straight to the famous Park and Huck called « Nose Breaker ». A nice 30ft drop with maybe...
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