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Of the many paddling paradises of Chile, the Futaleufu is by far the most renown classic big water river this is Southern paddling Mecca. With a history reaching further back into paddling history than plastic, this river is internationally renown and holds a place high on the list of must visit paddling destinations. During the South American summer of 2017/2018 the fates decided I would unexpectedly spend almost two months in the waters and on the banks of this magical river.


I flew into Chile solo mid December and began slowly making my way South from the Miapo. Traveling solo opens up so a world of opportunities and I was soon swept into the flow of the Chile paddling season. I got on the buss from the Miapo to Pucon and received a message from Scott Lindgen, we would be arriving in Pucon about the same time and both had plans of venturing South into Patagonia. After knocking off the Pucon classics with Aniol the three of us loaded up in Scott’s rental and pointed her South. Fuy, Gol Gol, and then straight to the Futaleufu. 

Scott and I through our various connections both received invitations to stay at Bio Bio, the nicest luxury camp on the Futaleufu. I arrived to help do some coaching for a week, and two months later was still staying at the magical place full of good people, amazing food, always warm wood burning hot tubs, an open bar, a rope swing from bar into the Futaleufu, and perfectly situated mid way down one of the best rivers on earth. Paradise! 

Since photos speak so much stronger than words, I’ll leave you with the following images which depict two months of bliss on the Futaleufu. Evan Garcia and I are considering offering a week long instructional/guiding camp based out of Bio Bio in early December for 10 lucky paddlers. To experience one the most incredible places on earth please send me an email: