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Tripper Series

2008 Day Tripper Description: The Day Trippers are what to expect in comfort, versatility and access to the great outdoors. These kayaks are fantastic for folks that like to bring kids or a dog along with them on occasion but don’t want a full tandem. They are perfect for those that used to be in canoe’s but want to try kayaking. They also create the perfect platform for catching more fish… And for those looking to escape to the quite side of the lake, but don’t want to leave the creature comforts behind such as tents, coolers, and picnicking items, the Day Tripper provides the carrying capacity for everything you could need. Basically the Day Trippers are designed to be just what you want from a kayak… fun, super comfortable and easy to paddle, with a ton of options for whatever you might want to do when paddling.

Mini Tripper Description: With family being Jackson Kayaks focus, the Mini Tripper ensures your smallest of paddlers can come out on the lake with you. Our kid sized recreational boat is small and light enough that smaller paddlers can maneuver it. With comfort and safety in mind this kayak can provide endless fun. With enough space to add a dog, camping equipment, coolers and more, this kayak is incredibly versatile.

Tripper T Description: Our new sit-inside tandem kayak is here. This long awaited all purpose kayak is built for two and designed around the Kilroy, one of Jackson’s top selling sit inside kayaks! It is a very stable, easy to enter, comfortable and fast kayak. Perfect for those who want the comfort of staying dry yet want the performance to get from point A to point B. The Tripper will come with the famous Jackson Kayak Elite Seat System that comes with high low seating to give you unlimited positioning power for your seating arrangements.

ModelYearLengthWidthHeightKayak WeightCockpit SizeCapacity
Day Tripper 10200810'30"46 lbs22.25" x 72"300 lbs
Day Tripper 12200812'30"52 lbs22.25" x 87"375 lbs
Mini Tripper20089'23"27 lbs17.13" x 66"125 lbs
Tripper Tandem201714'8"33"15"85 lbs550 lbs

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All-Water Description: The name, the design, the function; they all come together perfectly with the All-Water. Like all Jackson Kayak designs, the All-Water provides ultra comfort and the highest performance in it’s class. This whitewater/touring hybrid design takes you down the river with confidence and across the lake with precision glide… all in one kayak. A step up from the hybrids of past for better speed and tracking ability, while offering the best of Jackson Kayak’s whitewater expertise and super easy to roll characteristics, assuring the paddler big gains in confidence and ability.

ModelYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeCapacity
All-Water 920099'4"25.75"13.5"34.75" x 20.5"opt 155 lbs
All-Water 10200910'27.7"14.5"37" x 21.75"opt 195 lbs

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Journey Description: The Journey inspires confidence. Like all Jackson Kayak designs, this touring model is all about balance, blending stability with outstanding performance characteristics and exceptional comfort. The Journey tracks very well and offers tremendous speed for crossing open waters. The Journey comes in two sizes, 13.5 and 14 feet. These two sizes are designed to paddle similarly, but offer a sizing solution for folks of different sizes. The Journey is built-out with three hatches, reflective perimeter safety lines, and ample deck rigging. The interior outfitting is pulled straight from our legendary whitewater kayaks and includes contouring hip pads, a touring-specific version of our infinitely adjustable “Sure-Lock” back band, thigh pads, and an ultra-comfortable seat. Optional is the best-in-class “Smart Track” rudder system, which offers the highest performance of any design we tested, and typically is only found on the most expensive kayaks in the market. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or the most seasoned paddler looking for heavy water rock garden paddling, this boat will take you further than you have ever imagined.

ModelYearLengthWidthHeightKayak WeightCockpit SizeCapacity
Journey 13.5200913'6"24"15"50 lbs36" x 19.25"275 lbs
Journey 14200914'24.5"16"56 lbs36" x 19.25"300 lbs

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Rogue Description: One boat with two distinctly different personalities. Designed to be the quiver of one for the paddler whose appetite for river adventure is a bit more sampler platter than main course. Versatility is the calling card of the Rogue thanks to a hull shape designed to expertly bridge the opposing performance characteristics of being fast on flatwater while nimble in whitewater. Transitioning from light touring down meandering rivers to Class II-III whitewater is this Rogue’s calling card.

ModelYearLengthWidthKayak WeightCockpit SizeCapacity
Rogue 920119'4"25.75"44 lbs34.75" x 20.5"200 lbs
Rogue 10201110'27.5"47 lbs37" x 21.75"280 lbs

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Ibis Description: Like the wonderful wading waterbird for which it’s named, whether you’re exploring coastal lagoons, mangrove swamps, salt marshes or inland freshwater lakes and rivers, Jackson Kayak’s Ibis is right at home. The bird is gregarious with a tendency to wander and we think you will be too once you see how stable and easy the Ibis is to paddle.

ModelYearLengthWidthHeightKayak WeightCockpit SizeCapacity
Ibis201112'29"15"50 lbs48" x 20"300 lbs

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Regal Description: Liveries/outfitters, cottage-goers and beach savvy folks have long been asking for a boat that sits stable, is easy to paddle, keeps you dry, requires no maintenance and is easy to manage… the Regal does all this and more!

ModelYearLengthWidthHeightKayak WeightCockpit SizeCapacity
Regal201111'4"30"16"49 lbs47.5" x 23"300 lbs

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Cruise Series

Cruise 12 Description: This versatile, general purpose recreational sit-on-top features Jackson Kayak signature Hi-Lo Seating for ease of entry and exiting as well as an incredibly stable hull. The Cruise includes basic deck features like cup holders and bungees. It is also easily accessorized for all your kayak fishing needs.

Cruise 10 Description: The little sister to the popular Cruise 12, this version is ideal for those who aren’t paddling long distances or need a shorter, lighter boat to fit into smaller spaces. The Cruise 10 s a great option for anyone simply looking to get out on the water. With outstanding comfort and ease of access thanks to the unique Hi-Lo elite seat, you’ll want to stay on the water all day! Deck storage space along with a round sealed front hatch and day hatch make it so you can take everything you might need for a picnic or all day outing. Interested in fishing? There are plenty of attachment points on the clean, uncluttered deck for adding rod holders and other gear, and it takes only minutes to customize your Cruise. Goes where other boats, even larger kayaks, can’t reach!

Cruise FD Description: Pedal or paddle with the Cruise FD! Our unique prop system helps keep the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean and is protected by an articulating daggerboard. The daggerboard serves to help positioning in the wind and also acts as a keel in adding stability when standing on the deck. The hull of the Cruise FD is sharp and cuts swiftly, silently and efficiently through whatever water it encounters. Combined with an industry-leading turning radius, the Cruise FD is positioned to be a standout on the water. The Cruise FD expands on the new Flex Drive family of Jackson Kayaks with a solid recreational platform that is quick, nimble and ready for casual tours or can be customized for fishing adventures. Miles roll by effortlessly – let’s go for a Cruise!

ModelYearLengthWidthHeightKayak WeightCapacity
Cruise 12201312'3"31.5"12.5"68 lbs350 lbs
Cruise FD201811'10"33"15"79 lbs400 lbs

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SUPerNATURAL Description: This recreational and touring board is ready for any mission. It’s length, width and thickness make it extra stable and great for first timers. Molded in features as well as aftermarket accessories will allow it’s owners to fully customize it to their needs. Camping, cruising, fishing, hunting and hauling anything you can think of will be possible on this revolutionary board. From a cooler or rod holders, anything is possible on this board!

ModelYearLengthWidthHeightKayak WeightCapacity
SUPerNATURAL201311'7"35"7"63 lbs350 lbs

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Karma Traverse

Karma Traverse Description: The Karma Traverse mates a stretched, slightly wider version of the the highly acclaimed Karma with unique features to make for one of the most versatile kayaks ever. While the Traverse will handle whitewater with ease, its longer waterline and retractable skeg make for less effort when knocking out miles of flatwater. YakAttack gear track allow for attachment of all sorts of accessories like camera mounts, smartphone holders, fishing rod holders, cup holders and more. Full JK whitewater outfitting including the Unishock footrest system and an optional implosion-proof “Expedition” rear hatch cover make the Traverse truly expedition-ready. Two sizes, the 9 and 10, will fit paddlers of almost any size or ability. One boat for many waters and many uses…the Traverse.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightKayak WeightCockpit SizeCapacityVolume
Karma Traverse920169'8"25.5"14"48 lbs34.5" x 21"130-210lbs86 gallons
Karma Traverse10201610'4"27"15"52 lbs36" x 21.5"160-240lbs102 gallons

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Tupelo Series

Tupelo 12 Description: Designed for cruising the waterways with comfort and efficiency, with loads of storage and convenient accessories, the Tupelo is your premier, feature laden recreational kayak. Like touring and whitewater kayaks, the Tupelo comes sized for the paddler, with the 12.5 for larger paddlers and the lighter, narrower 12.0 ideal for medium or smaller paddlers. Ideal to match one of each for a couple. Both feature Jackson’s removable and super comfy Elite Seat, with adjustable lumbar support. Gear track around the deck allow you to accessorize with RAM products like rod holders, GPS, camera mounts, smart phones and more. Versatility, comfort, ease of use….the Tupelo has it all!

Tupelo LT Description: The Jackson Kayak Tupelo LT is a popular light touring/recreational kayak aimed at getting you out on short exploratory adventures. This fast tracking, comfortable and easy to use kayak is great for beginners and advanced paddlers as it’s hull design not only provides stability to new paddlers but surprising performance to those who are used to kayaking. The deck is fully outfitted with bungees, YakAttack Tracks for accessories, ample storage with its stern locking hatch and it comes with our new ergonomic Elite Seat.

ModelYearLengthWidthHeightKayak WeightCapacity
Tupleo LT201812'2"28"14"35 lbs265 lbs

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