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About Jackson Kayak

Jackson Adventures stems from a long history involving some the most interesting names and events in outdoor adventure.  Check out our story, view a cool video history and more…

Jackson Innovation

Jackson was born with the innovation of a kayak for kids and the creativity of our designers and team never stops.  This section shows off some of the coolest innovations in outdoors history: from kayaks, to coolers, gear, accessories and kennels…

Jackson Support

Jackson has historically been a leader in supporting communities and individuals world-wide.  We’ll never stop.  For those in need of support from Jackson, enter and find the form for your initiatives!

Find a Local Dealer

There are many Jackson dealers globally and this is the place to find them fast.  Check out our slick map-based navigation tool that brings you to the closest dealer and you’re next Jackson product.

For Jackson Owners

If you are a proud owner of a Jackson Product, this is where you can go to register, look up information on your product, download some video user manuals and get more out of your Jackson.  

Jackson Financing Programs

It’s now very easy to afford any Jackson product!  We have financing for all walks of life, here on line and at select dealers.  Stay tuned here to learn more as we roll these programs out!