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Fun Series

Fun Series Description: The original Jackson Kayak, the Jackson Fun Series has been one of the most popular all-around boats of all time. Now in its fourth iteration, the new Fun features high, forgiving, parting lines, lots of legroom for comfort and a sleek style reminiscent of the original and 2nd generation Fun. With this version, Jackson has gone back to the Fun being a more well versed river runner, with enough freestyle features to make it an attractive option for beginners wanting a go-everywhere-do-everything type kayak as well as to seasoned experts looking for a versatile and comfortable with ample play characteristics without sacrificing downriver performance (think Grand Canyon). The combination of hull shape for river running and for play makes this boat a great all around option; narrow for speed but flared out sidewalls and increased continuous rocker keeps your edges out of the water. This design allows you to keep more water off the deck, make the most of your boofs, and help you cross holes and eddy lines with authority, while the increased side-wall flair allows for added stability on edge, easier rolling, later bracing, and to reduce the effects of boils and cross-currents.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
2 Fun20046'3"24"12.5"19.7" x 33.8"46 gallons100-165 lbs26.6 lbs
Fun20046'6"25.2"13.4"20" x 35.4"51 gallons130-195 lbs28.7 lbs
4 Fun20046'9"26.4"13.8"20.8" x 35.8"57 gallons165-220 lbs30.6 lbs
Super Fun20047'27"14"21.6" x 37.4"63 gallons210-265 lbs33.5 lbs
2 Fun200718924"33"33" x 19"47 gallons120-150 lbs27 lbs
Fun200719825"34"35.5" x 20.25"54 gallons140-180 lbs29 lbs
4 Fun200720726"36"36" x 21"62 gallons180-220 lbs31 lbs
Super Fun200721627"37"37.5" x 21.75"70 gallons210-265 lbs33 lbs
2 Fun20106'224.513"48.5 gallons110-155 lbs30 lbs
Fun20106'525.62513.75"55.5 gallons135-180 lbs31 lbs
4 Fun20106'826.7514.375"63 gallons165-220 lbs34 lbs
Super Fun20107'1"26.75"15"37.5" x 21.75"70 gallons210-265 lbs39 lbs
Fun Runner 6020117'9"25"13.75"60 gallons90-210 lbs
Fun Runner 7020118'2"26.5"13.5"70 gallons140 - 250 lbs
2FunS20156'624.51332.5" x 19"51 gallons110-150 lbs28 lbs
FunM20156'1025.514"34.5" x 20.25"59 gallons145-185 lbs32 lbs
4FunL20157'226.514.5"36"x 20.75"65 gallons165-230 lbs33 lbs

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Antix Series

Antix 2010 Description: If you were heading to a new river, with no beta on what to expect and you were given the choice of only one boat to take; you would take the Antix 2.0. After three years paddling the original Antix we were all reminded of how much FUN whitewater is! With the masterful reshaping of a full planing hull, we have made the Antix substantially faster, made it surf like no other, stay on the surface, and made it squirt with less effort than ever. It runs rivers well, it runs creeks well and it’s the best for play in its class, bar none! It’s the one boat that rules them all for all day fun on the water. The Antix brings play, river running and creeking together into a one-boat-fits-all package. We’ve taken the best selling kayak in its class and added more speed, comfort, ease and play to give you the Antix 2.0.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
Antix 1.0S20187'4"25"12.5"34" x 19"56 gallons80-130 lbs33 lbs
Antix 1.0M20187'9"26"13"35" x 20 5/8"63 gallons120-190 lbs36 lbs
Antix 1.0L20188'1"27"14"36 1/4" x 22"72 gallons180-250 lbs42 lbs

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Star Series

Star Series 2013 Description: Are you ready for the World of Freestyle Kayaking to be yours? The All Star is! Debuting at the World Cup of Freestyle kayaking with the world’s best paddlers choosing it after their initial testing. The most user friendly and highest performing freestyle boat yet!   It is also WAY faster and looser than any play boat Jackson Kayak has had to offer (which says it all!) . The overall view of the boat is sleeker and sexier and less stubby compared to previous models.  This provides smoother cartwheels, while also bigger loops, more balanced ends that are easier to keep vertical. Hard moves are easier and go even BIGGER!  We are making three sizes, Star series: Star, All-Star,and  Super Star.  Don’t delay, get yours today!

RockStar 2016 Description: A narrower, faster, looser, easier to take off hull is the platform that everything is built on. Easy edge-to-edge transfers combined with massive air capabilities and smooth, predictable surfing makes it a ridiculously fun boat to paddle on a wave. We took extra time in the development of this deck as well to make sure that we had a rock solid knee position, and increased performance for moves in holes and flatwater. The ends of this boat are slicey and easy to get under the water, making cartwheels, stalls, and linking moves together easier than ever before. Play boating will be a joy whether you are just learning your first tricks or you want to win the next World Championships.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
Star20055'8"24"12"19" x 32.5"4490-14024.5
All-Star20056'25"12.5"20.25 x 34.5"52135-18028
SuperStar20056'4"26.5"13"21" x 36"60160-22032.5
Shooting Star20075_ 2_19_11_28.75_ x 17_3130 to 100 lbs19
Star20135'7"25.75"13.5"33" x 19"29100-160
All Star20135'11"26.75"14"34.75" x 20.25"30140-200 lbs
Super Star20136'1"28"14.5"36" x 21"33 gal170-220 lbs
RockStarS20145'4"24.75"14"32.5" x 19"48.5100 - 14027.7
RockStarM20145'8"26"15"34.5" x 20.25"58.5140 - 18029.8
RockStarL20145'10"27"15.5"36" x 21"65170 - 22033
MonStar20156'5"28.25"15"37" x 21.5"72.75210 - 20037
RockStarXS20175'2"23.75"13"41.580 - 12023
RockStarS20165'5"25"13.5"32.75" x 19"48135 opt paddler26
RockStarM20165'8"27"13.5"32" x 19.25"55160 opt paddler29
RockStarL20165'11"27"14"35.5" x 21"63265 max30
RockStar 4.0S20195'7"24.75"14.8"53.390 - 15027
RockStar 4.0M20195'10"26"15.5"61.4140 - 2029
RockStar 4.0L20196'1"27"16.25"69.4180 - 25034
RockStar XS20175'2"23.75"31" x 18"70-13021

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Hero Series

Little Hero Description: Why the Little Hero? Just because you aren’t as big as some of the other people out on the river, doesn’t mean you can go as big! The Little Hero is sized to allow you to run the rivers that challenge you, without the boat being a challenge. What you can expect: Uber stable, easy to roll, easy to paddle, boat that keeps you upright and paddling downstream. A boat that fits well is easier to paddle, and the Little Hero completes the kids packages for the Hero series.

Hero Description: Run anything, pack some gear, and enjoy the confidence this river running/creek boat offers. While the Fun is your best combination of river running/play this boat is your best combination of river running/creeking. Designed to handle the largest diversity of water possible it will not let you down anywhere you decide to go. Low draft, long lines means it handles shallow water without bottoming out and stays fast. Volume is designed to keep you on the surface and upright in big water or at the bottom of drops. This boat has no match in speed at 8’ in length either, so whether you are doing a big ferry, a long flat-water paddle out of your favorite river or trying to beat your paddling buddy to the takeout, you’ll have an ace in the hole!

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
Little Hero20127'1"24"14"19.25" x 33.375"63 gallons80-135 lbs34 lbs
Hero20058'0"23.75"13.5"20" x 34"64 gallons100-170 lbs35 lbs
Super Hero20058'6"25"14.25"21" x 36"75 gallons140-240 lbs39 lbs

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Rocker Series

Rocker Series Description: After two years in the Rocker and with extensive feedback from our hardest users, the Rocker enters a new era of creek-boat performance – in 3 sizes! Refined rocker transition delivers auto-boofing characteristics to this fast, stay-on-line design and features more leg room for entry and exit. Raised, catch-free edges help conquer the most challenging cross-currents, and boat armor is equipped for a rock-solid hull with “Uni-shock” impact-absorbing bulkhead system.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
Punk RockerS20077'8"24.5"14.25"33.25" x 19"68 gallons80-165 lbs38 lbs
RockerM20078'0"25.5"13"35" x 20.5"80 gallons125-200 lbs43 lbs
Mega RockerL20078'6"27"15.75"36.75" x 21.5"93 gallons160-300 lbs49 lbs

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Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo Description: Welcome to the future! While tandem kayaks have been made before, it was time to make a modern tandem boat that is suitable for teaching in, for bringing friends, significant others, kids, and really opening up paddling to those who don’t want to go solo! This is a high performance tandem with all of the comfort, dryness, durability, ease of rolling, and outfitting from Jackson’s top of the line Hero series. Based on the Hero, and the concept that sometimes, two Heroes are better than one, this will be an easy boat to be confident in. Look for this boat on a river near you!

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
Dynamic Duo200812'26.5"15"34" X 19.75" bow, 36" x 20.5" stern142 gallons265-500 lbs69 lbs

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Rogue Series

Rogue Series Description: One boat with two distinctly different personalities. Designed to be the quiver of one for the paddler whose appetite for river adventure is a bit more sampler platter than main course. Versatility is the calling card of the Rogue thanks to a hull shape designed to expertly bridge the opposing performance characteristics of being fast on flatwater while nimble in whitewater. Transitioning from light touring down meandering rivers to Class II-III whitewater is this Rogue’s calling card.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
Rogue 920119'4"25.75"13"34.75" x 20.5"max 20044 lbs
Rogue 10201110'27.5"14"37" x 21.75"max 28047 lbs

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Villain Series

Villain Series Description: Jackson Kayak Villain takes you as far and as hard as you want to go. From extreme creeking to casual river running this stout high performance package is loaded with Jackson’s signature safety features to beef up your game. Villain is super stable and keeps you well protected with the ample volume so you can paddle at your best. The comfortable but solid cockpit features Jackson Kayaks all new 2012 Boat Armor outfitting. The Villain flies over boofs and snaps cleanly into eddies with hard carving control. Be careful to contain you maniacal laughter because this boat is more fun than a barrel full of sinister monkeys.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
Villain20118'2"25.5"14.5"20.5" x 34.75"79.5 gallons100-180 lbs47 lbs
Villain20118'8"27"15.5"21.63" x 36.75"92.5gallons155-230 lbs50 lbs

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SUPerCHARGER Description: Jackson SUPerCHARGER is short, wide and thick, with a shedding bow/deck and a flat standing area complete with a foam deck pad. The stern of this revolutionary whitewater SUP board has increased volume and so that it resurfaces quickly and cleanly but can still surf a variety of river features. Three fin boxes allow a paddler to arrange their placement to specific needs, and can be removed entirely. Bottom channels add rigidity to the hull and increase tracking. The SUPer CHARGER has four grab handles along the perimeter and one in the center making it a breeze to get back on board. This is the ideal SUP for the widest variety water conditions, and really shines in whitewater.

ModelYearLengthWidthHeightPaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
SUPerCHARGER20139'8"36"8"max 250 lbs57 lbs

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Karma Series

2013 Karma Description: Jackson Kayak’s Fourth Generation Creek Boat in the past 9 years takes a big leap forwards. The Karma takes a turn towards speed, stability, and carving while being fast, stable and forgiving with predictable turning, boofing, and a bow that rises over anything in its way.

2013 Karma UL Description: Built on the successfully fast hull of the Karma and Zen and stretched for both speed and performance, the Karma Unlimited is your racing machine. The planing hull provides an easy to control bow at high speeds, while the bow rocker keeps the paddler dry and the boat running. Outfitting, our Uni-Shock bulkhead, improved stability is designed to keep you comfortable and safe on fast river descents.

2013 Karma RG Description: Based off the Karma Unlimited, the Karma RG is an ocean play boat (Rock Garden) designed for paddling in rock gardens (rock-hopping), exploring sea caves, running pour-overs, and surfing ocean waves. It’s also well suited as a river tourer (River Guide), with potential for multi-day coastal and river (Class 1-5) trips. With the same hull as the Karma Unlimited, performance is more forgiving on a wave, faster off the wave, with better outfitting and more safety features that what’s currently on the market in these categories.

2016 Karma Traverse Description: The Karma Traverse mates a stretched, slightly wider version of the the highly acclaimed Karma with unique features to make for one of the most versatile kayaks ever. While the Traverse will handle whitewater with ease, its longer waterline and retractable skeg make for less effort when knocking out miles of flatwater. YakAttack gear track allow sfor attachment of all sorts of accessories like camera mounts, smartphone holders, fishing rod holders, cup holders and more. Full JK whitewater outfitting including the Unishock footrest system and an optional implosion- proof “Expedition” rear hatch cover make the Traverse truly expedition-ready. Two sizes, the 9 and 10, will fit paddlers of almost any size or ability. One boat for many waters and many uses…the Traverse.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
KarmaS20138'25"13.5"32.5" x 19"72 gallons80-155 lbs40 lbs
KarmaM20138'6"26"14.5"35" x 20.25"86 gallons140-220 lbs45 lbs
KarmaL20139'28"15"36.5" x 21.5"103 gallons185-300 lbs50 lbs
Karma UL201311'10"25"14.75"34.5" x 20.25"94 gallons135-195 lbs56 lbs
Karma RG201311'10"25"14.75"34.5" x 20.25"94 gallons135-195 lbs58 lbs
Karma Traverse920169'8"25.5"14"34.5" x 21"86 gallons130-210 lbs48 lbs
Karma Traverse10201610'4"27"15"36" x 21.5"102 gallons160-240 lbs52 lbs

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Zen Series

2011 Zen Description: Whitewater paddlers have been asking for a “true” river running boat from JK for a long time and now you have not one but two exceptional options to offer them. The JK Zen is going to provide you with that traditional river running look and feel with all the benefits of a modern efficient hull and state of the art ergonomics and outfitting. The Zen is going to give a whole new generation of boaters the ability to experience attainments, enders, and the fast flowing river running experience that so many of us built our paddling lives on.

2015 Zen Description:The 2015 Zen bridges the gap between river runner and creek boat and offers a new tier in speed and performance. The sidewalls are higher than the previous model giving it much improved stability. The added volume and bow rocker keep you higher on the surface. The Zen has held onto its fast, light maneuverability but now allows you to fly up and over rocks, holes and waves better than ever. Whether you are looking for a forgiving, easy to roll all around kayak while just getting started or wanting a sporty river runner that surfs as well as it creeks, the 2015 Zen is for you. This new 2015 hull design will make the Zen a forgiving kayak for those rolling, bracing and running whitewater for the first time. Making it not only an awesome instructional kayak but a top creek racer as well. The end result will be a Zen that is fast, stable and more versatile than ever on rivers and creeks. Available in three new sizes, the Zen S, M, L.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
Zen 5520117'10"23.75"12"5570-150 lbs36.5 lbs
Zen 6520118'4"25.5"12.75"65135-200 lbs40 lbs
Zen 7520118'10"27"13.5"80150-230 lbs44 lbs
ZenS20158'2"24"13.5"32.5" x 19"6890-155 lbs39 lbs
ZenM20158'6"26"14.5"34.5" x 20.25"78130-180 lbs43 lbs
ZenL20159'27"15.5"36" x 21.5"89170-250 lbs48 lbs

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MixMaster Description: Meet the new play master of the river: The Mixmaster slices & dices through the water with a super low-volume, high-performance bow and stern! A blast from the past, the Mixmaster revamps classic boat design with signature Jackson twists, such as ergonomic outfitting and a modern playful hull. The Mixmaster makes flatwater tricks, squirts, stalls, and cartwheels come natural to beginners, and experienced old-school boaters can push the limits of down-river freestyle to new levels! In this boat, you will really become the MixMaster!

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
MixMaster720186'11"23.75"12"33" x 19"29130-19035
MixMaster7.520187'3"25.5"13"35" x 20"32180-21039

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Nirvana Description: Nirvana The Nirvana creek boat brings speed, stability, and maneuverability to any class of whitewater, inspiring confidence like never before. High bow rocker keeps you dry while flying over waves and holes, making the Medium Nirvana a sub-9’ racing machine. However, unlike many racing kayaks, the Nirvana is accessible— both responsive and forgiving— such that it feels at home on everything from beginner whitewater to the most demanding Class-V rapids. If you want a performance inspiring river-running/creek boat that’ll knock rapids down a class, than the Nirvana is the boat for you! Available in two sizes.

ModelSizeYearLengthWidthHeightCockpit SizeVolumePaddler Weight RangeKayak Weight
NirvanaM20178'11"26.5"14.5"34.5" x 20.5"86 gallons130-19044.5 lbs
NirvanaL20179'4"27.5"15.5"35.5" x 21.5"97 gallons180-21051 lbs

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